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Links zu Informationen in Norwegen - Übersetzung, Wetter, Verkehr, Lokales, Währungsrechner

täglich aktuelle Informationen für Touristen in Norwegen

Übersetzung und Währungsrechner

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Norway places & views # 17: Highland of western Magerøya

close to North Cape: A boreal plateau without a name but with its own beauty

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Norway places & views # 16: Havøygavlen Windpark at Havøysund

A fantastic view over a beautiful boreal coast far in the North of Norway

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Norway places & views # 12: Norsk Motormuseum in Skånevik - old machines (2)

Time travel through the last decades of Norwegian life

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Ansichtssache: Gedanken - Macht, Ohnmacht und wer kontrolliert wen?

“Mensch, mach’ Dir da mal keine Gedanken”

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Norway places & views # 15: Aksla mountain at Ålesund

Step up 1 Mountain & get 3 scenic outlooks

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Norway places & views # 14: Stegastein

Close to Flåm: One of Norway's most scenic fjord views

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Norway places & views # 13: Marilyn Monroe statue in Haugesund

A tribute to a star - but did Marilyn have Norwegian roots?

Photo of Marilyn Monroe statue in Haugesund
Marilyn Monroe statue in Haugesund

I was surprised to find a Marilyn Monroe statue in Norway's town Haugesund which is located at the Norwegian coast between cities Bergen and Stavanger.


Background: Marilyn Monroe's birth name was "Mortensen". In Haugesund a statue remembers her possible Norwegian roots but still today it is unclear who was her father. 

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Norway places & views # 11: Gisundbrua - Bridge between Finnsnes and Senja

scenic view of an ordinary bridge

Photo from June 2016 of close Gisundbrua from a Hurtigruten ship with snow-capped mountains in the bachkround. Left is Finnsnes port.
View to close Gisundbrua in warm morning light from a Hurtigruten ship in June 2016
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Norway places & views # 10: Bird watching boat tour at Runde island

Watch Atlantic puffins, sea eagles and other  sea birds near to Ålesund

Photo of an Atlantic puffin swimming on the sea and looking vigilantly to the photographer
An Atlantic puffin swimming and watching
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Norway places & views # 9: Street art on Andøya

A fascinating Street art above the arctic circle

Photo showing a street art picture of a sitting and book reading person painted on an old grey wooden barn with a rusty tinroof
A huge street art picture at a barn on Andøya
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Norway places & views # 8: Old machines (1)

"Workhorse" machine: A Massey Ferguson 35 tractor in Tuddal

Photo showing an old Massey Ferguson 35 farm tractor from the front standing on a ramp
An old Massey Ferguson 35 farm tractor stands on a barn's ramp along street Fv651
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Norway places & views # 7: Gaustatoppen

Top view mountain close to Oslo

Photo of snow-capped mountain Gaustatoppen with blue sky, a partly mirrorig lake in the foreground
Mountain Gaustatoppen
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Norway places & views # 6: Seven Sisters mountains

Legendary mountains at Nordland's coast

Photo of mountain peak chain Seven Sisters from the sea with nature green coastline in front and clouded sky in the background.
The Seven Sisters mountain peaks (north is left side)
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Norway places & views # 5: Friaren waterfall

"The bottle" waterfall

Waterfall Friaren shows the form of a bottle - small rainbow over the upper part of the waterfall
Waterfall Friaren shows the form of a bottle
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Norway places & views # 4: Seven Sisters Waterfalls

Legendary waterfalls at Geirangerfjord

A cruise ship in Geirangerfjord passes the Seven Sisters waterfalls
Cruise ship in Geirangerfjord passing the Seven Sisters waterfalls
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Norway places & views # 3: Bystranda in Kristiansand

vivid and scenic beach, park and promenade

Overview photo of Bystranda Kristiansand showing a beach, voleyball fields, green trees and a yacht harbour in front of the blue North Sea
Bystranda Kristiansand: beach and park at the sea close to the center of the city
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Norway places & views # 2: Trollafossen

Scenic waterfall in Voss on the way between Bergen and Flåm

Trollafossen in full height: A lot of water falling over various cascades. A very small man in the photo illustrates the dimension of the fall.

Troll road sign of yesterday's post made me remembering the name of waterfall Trollafossen.  I do not know why the waterfall is named that way; may be beauty of cascades can rarely be seen in such a nice arrangement as trolls. Sometimes the waterfall is also called "Tvindefossen" but official map material of Norway show the name Trollafossen. There is also a rapid in the river across the street marked with the name "Tvinnefossen".


The Trollafossen is located in Fjord Norway directly at road 13 which leads from Vossevangen to Myrkdalen. On this part the road is also the shared E16 connecting Bergen and Flåm (link to Google Maps). Well known Hardangerfjord in the south and Sognefjord in the north are attractive next destinations on a tour.


With a height of over 100 meters and the multiple cascades Trollafossen is one of the most beautiful waterfalls for me. The man in the photo at the bottom of the waterfall illustrates the dimension of it. The photo was taken in June 2014, together with my soulmate Julia who made wonderful detailed photos (detail 1; detail 2).


It is very easy for me to fall into a flow activity by doing time exposure photos from the waterfall in total or the cascades in detail. Best time for good photo light is in the morning hours before noon.


And remember if you visit Trollafossen: The longer you stay the better is your chance to see a troll bathing in the fall ;-)

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Norway places & views # 1: Troll road sign

Trolls warning sign

Real warning sign showing a troll
Warning! Trolls!

This road sign is standing close to Trollstigen, one of Norway's famous curving roads. I did not see a living troll when driving up Trollstigen but they seem to be as unpredictable in traffic behavior as reindeers or elks. And there are even more special things in Norway road experience.


Tip: The official scenic route Geiranger - Trollstigen is a real scenic drive.



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Here WeGo: A no-go for Norway itinerary planning

5 reasons why here WeGo is the wrong planning tool for a Norway trip

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Walbeobachtung in Norwegens Andenes

Wale aus der Nähe beobachten und fotografieren

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Links to up-to-date information in Norway - translation, currency, weather, traffic and more

Links for Tourists' daily information update in Norway


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Landschaftsroute in Süd-Norwegen - Karte, Fotos, Reise-Tipps

Geheim-Tipp: Norwegens erste inoffizielle Landschaftsroute

"Nasjonale Turistveger" heißt das Langzeit-Projekt der staatlichen norwegischen Straßenverwaltung, mit dem seit Jahren die schönsten Landschaftsrouten für Touristen definiert, weiter ausgebaut und auf der eigenen Website ( dargestellt  werden. Herausgekommen ist ein Portfolio und Katalog von 18 sehenswerten Landschaftsrouten in verschiedenen Teilen des Landes.


Doch natürlich hat Norwegen auch an vielen anderen Stellen touristisch mehr zu bieten. Insbesondere im Süden gibt es eine für Touristen leicht zu erreichende Route, die anderen Landschaftsrouten sowohl an landschaftlicher Schönheit als auch an Attraktionen mindestens ebenbürtig ist und doch in diesem Katalog fehlt.

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Scenic route in South Norway: map, sights, tipps, photos

Insider tip: Norway's first inofficial scenic route

"Nasjonale Turistveger" is the initiative of the Norwegian Public Roads Administration to define, develop and present official Norwegian Scenic Routes.  So far the website of Nasjonale Turistveger shows a catalogue of 18 worth visiting Norwegian Scenic Routes throughout the whole country.


Of course Norway has a lot more beautiful places and scenic routes. Besides the officially announced routes visitors will find a scenic route in the countryside of Norway's southern county Telemark. The beauty of the landscape and the attractions along the way are worth announcing it as an "inofficial Norwegian Scenic Route".

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Below you can see a list of my last 10 tweets I posted on Twitter. This list contains mixed English and German entries.

Folgend eine Liste meiner letzten 10 Nachrichten auf Twitter. Diese beinhaltet gemischt deutsche und englische Beiträge.

About the category photo

About the category photo on my start page: This statue of Norwegian writer Henrik Arnold Wergeland is standing in the center of Oslo, he would have called it "Chistiania" at his time.


For me Wergeland is one of the grandfathers of blogging: He published his opinions by political news paper ads and inlays. He was also fighting against religious discrimination which was somehow established in Norway's constitution from 1814. How would he use blogs and social media today?


My personal learning from this photo: If you become so popular that people will build a statue of you either ensure that it will wear a hat or they will spend someone for lifetime to care for the birds on your head. Everything between seems to end shit.