Norway places & views # 11: Gisundbrua - Bridge between Finnsnes and Senja

scenic view of an ordinary bridge

Photo from June 2016 of close Gisundbrua from a Hurtigruten ship with snow-capped mountains in the bachkround. Left is Finnsnes port.
View to close Gisundbrua in warm morning light from a Hurtigruten ship in June 2016

One morning  around 4 am I had the luck on Hurtigruten ship MS Nordkapp to be outside on deck with my camera. It was a wonderful long "moment" when the ship was getting closer and closer to the bridge over minutes. The silence and the warm-lighted scenery was really amazing.


Sometimes special moments are the result of the right place, right time and best conditions. Change one of these factors and the moment may be less precious.

Where and when to find this view

The bridge Gisundbrua is 1,147-metres long (3,763 ft) and has 25 spans. It is crossing Gisundet strait and is located between the villages Finnsnes (mainland) and Silsand on Senja which is the second largest island of Norway.

Best view to the bridge is from a ship in the early morning to southern direction - with light onto the bridge and on the scenic mountains in the background. Guests of Hurtigruten ships driving southbound and approaching Finnsnes port can enjoy this view from late spring to late summer as long as there is sunlight at 4 am in the morning. The best position for a photo is at the front of the outside deck.

Pictures of the bridge from Journey 2018

Even with cloudy weather the bridge and atmosphere is worth to stand up so early in the morning.

Further Tips for travellers

  • Gisundbrua is connecting Finnsnes with the island Senja which is famous for its own beauty. In summer months the official scenic route Senja is a real nice drive in the morning hours.
  • Travellers can use Hurtigruten ships hop-on-hop-off to reach Senja. Also cars can be transported but there are some things to know for using Hurtigruten within a car round trip.
  • Travellers on Hurtigruten ships going north can see the bridge in the late morning with light from the other side. Also a scenic view but it does not reach the magic of the warm morning light.

(c) Author: Mark König, August 3 2018

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