Norway places & views # 9: Street art on Andøya

A fascinating Street art above the arctic circle

Photo showing a street art picture of a sitting and book reading person painted on an old grey wooden barn with a rusty tinroof
A huge street art picture at a barn on Andøya

Where to find it

Already in Norway places # 8 I wrote about eye-catching things left and right of the rural streets of Norway.


This same effect I experienced during my Norway 2018 tour on Andøya: While driving through the village Bjørnskinn I saw this painting on a barn. It was coincidently, there was no sign or similar advice of "look there" - nothing. 


Just this silent amazing street art 50 to 100 meters off the street Fv974 - huge enough to see it by driving along.

What fascinated me

The real fascination to me was my own surprise to have a high-quality art experience without expecting it. Coming from Berlin in Germany I am used to see such paintings but not here, not in this landscape, not above the Arctic Circle where people have really different issues than doing such a painting onto a barn.


Normally nature is the eye-catcher on Andøya: The landscape, the light, sometimes in winter Northern Lights and the animals such as whales in close Andenes or Atlantic puffins and sea eagles on Bleikøya.


Another thing I liked was the silence of the picture - coherent to the peace you can feel as a visitor of Andøya. It is not shouting, not looking, not grabbing; it is even only in black and white with some little grey scales. The whole art is not wanting interaction but I started interacting without getting answers. Still fascinated.


I do not know the name of the artist. I would call him "Barnsky", remembering famous street art painter Banksy. A big "THANK YOU" for that moments.


To me this street art is a reminder to all the pieces of art I did see in the cities of Norway and in its rural landside - worth to discover.

Detailed photo of the street art picture showing only the painting
Detailed photo of the street art shows a high quality in details

Some Tips for travellers

(c) Author: Mark König, August 1 2018

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