Norway places & views # 8: Old machines (1)

"Workhorse" machine: A Massey Ferguson 35 tractor in Tuddal

Photo showing an old Massey Ferguson 35 farm tractor from the front standing on a ramp
An old Massey Ferguson 35 farm tractor stands on a barn's ramp along street Fv651

In Norway the roads through the countryside offer surprising and interesting impressions offside the beaten tourist pathes.


At the end of my Norway 2018 tour this old farm tractor, a Massey Ferguson 35, which was standing on a barn's ramp raised my full photographer attention when driving along the street Fv 651 between Rjukan and Sauland.


I guess I was touched by the "eyes" which looked open but down (due to the ramp) - seemed a little bit tired or aged but ready to work. It gives this machine a human touch. To me it looked like a reliable old "workhorse", and I think it needs a little bit of love, repair and care - may be also two equal new front tyres :-) And I also liked that the tractor seemed to be still in use.


The street, the villages, the landscape and also some areas around are so beautiful and full of details and history that I decided to define my own scenic route Skien - Rjukan through the beautiful country of Telemark county.


Tip for fans of old machines and industry: a single old tractor may not be enough to justify a long journey. But may be the  close UNESCO world culture heritage is the rest of a good reason. In 2015 small towns Notodden and Rjukan were enlisted for their historical industrial sites, one of it is hydro power plant from 1911 in Vemork.

(c) Author: Mark König, July 30 2018

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