NO18: Way back to Germany from southern Norway via Sweden and Denmark with 3 Ferries

Basic itinerary information

Scope of the day was to drive back within one day from southern Norway to Berlin, Germany with using some ferries on the way for different impressions, breaks and relaxation.


Start: 6.30 am at Scandic Parken in Sandefjord, Norway.

End: 9.40 pm at Frankfurter Tor in Berlin, Germany.


Travel distance: appr. 935 km

Driving distance: appr. 875 km


Used car ferries:

  1. Sandefjord, NO - Strömstad, SE at 7 am: Crossing Skagerrak.
  2. Helsingborg, SE - Helsingør, DK: Only 4 km with nice outlook.
  3. Gedser, DK - Rostock, DE at 5 pm: Reservation recommended.

These ferries cross Skagerrak, southern Kattegat and south part of Baltic Sea.


Impressions of the day

The main impressions were around travelling effectively with a little experience factor.

  • The Colorline ferry MV Bohus between Sandefjord and Strömstad is an old ship but in an almost good and updated shape. An issue was for me to find coincidently a life raft with a service date five months over due date which gave me the impression that security is not taken seriously enough by Colorline in this case.
  • On board of MV Bohus even in the harbour another passenger informed me about the whaling history of Sandefjord which was very interesting.
  • On Swedish E6 to South some Norwegian and Swedish cars traveled with a speed much higher than allowed.
  • Swedish E6 motorway in this part is partly toll relevant.
  • Around Göteborg and Copenhagen I experienced a lot of traffic on the motorways.
  • The ferry between Helsingborg and Helsingør was operating very frequently which gave a good opportunity for a short break without losing too much time. I also hoped to avoid the increased afternoon traffic around Swedish Malmö.
  • The E47 around Copenhagen had a traffic jam due to a car standing near the motorway with a breakdown; no accident or anything else. This was cause of a delay of 15 - 20 minutes.
  • The departure of Scandlines ferry MV Berlin between Gedser and Rostock was announced to be delayed by 15 minutes. In total the ferry departed 30 minutes too late.
  • With a Flex ticket from Scandlines I was able to take one ferry earlier than booked originally. In this case worth the surcharge to a basic ticket.
  • German Autobahn A 19 was free in the evening direction to Berlin.

My conclusion: After a full day traveling I would recommend this route for a long one-day leg from southern Norway to Germany. The costs are higher than only taking motorways but the relaxation and experience factor by using ferries was even better for me.


Tip: From Sandefjord you can easily reach first attractive routes and places in Norway, e.g. scenic route Skien - Rjukan.


Further links to other relevant information will follow.

(c) Author: Mark König, written June 2018