Norway places & views # 12: Norsk Motormuseum in Skånevik - old machines (2)

Time travel through the last decades of Norwegian life

I discovered this paradise for fans of old engines, machines, technology and objects during my Norway car round trip 2018.

Impressions from the entrance area

About the Norsk Motormuseum

I am sure that world-famous Hollywood movie producer Roland Emmerich would have created a more representative entrance to a time travel gate but what visitors will find inside the museum is more realistic than a movie can be.


What a fascinating experience: An unbelievable amount of old machines and objects spread out in front of you - and again - and again when you look around the next corner. Some pieces are lovely restored or maintained, others look as if they have been there for years in the same appearance as they reached the museum.


On two floors visitors will find dozens of industrial machines and many items previously used in homes and households. Sometimes even small themed exhibitions are arranged. Examples:

  • the motor and machinery workshop
  • the happy shoemaker's room
  • the fire fighting corner
  • the collection of maritime instruments and machines
  • and the fish food cannery - likely from the neighborhood.

For me ieverything was very authentic and an impressive experience. Definitely worth a visit.

Where to find it

The museum is located in Skånevik near the country road 48. Closest cities are Haugesund, Bergen and Stavanger.

Opening times

The museum is normally only open in summer time (see picture below). At other seasons interested visitors can reach the nice older owners via Facebook beforehand and ask for a special opening.


I was lucky that one of the private owners was working outside the museum and granting me access. Thanks again for that!

Photo of sign with opening times

Impression from the exhibition

Just a small selection of my pictures of the numerous exhibits from inside the museum. There is something for every interest.


Old machines

The motor and machinery workshop

The happy shoemaker's workshop

The happy shoemaker of Skånevik died at the age of 106 years. His life-affirming picture and his workshop items are still existing.

Household and personal items

(c) Author: Mark König, August 11 2018

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