Norway places & views # 3: Bystranda in Kristiansand

vivid and scenic beach, park and promenade

Overview photo of Bystranda Kristiansand showing a beach, voleyball fields, green trees and a yacht harbour in front of the blue North Sea
Bystranda Kristiansand: beach and park at the sea close to the center of the city

"Wow!": This morning I saw in Google Maps statistics that my photo from Bystranda in Kristiansand has over 5,000 views now, just three weeks after upload.

About Bystranda Kristiansand

Bystranda is the public city beach of Kristiansand (link to Google Maps): People can play and relax here or take a walk up and down the promenade along the harbour. I remember Bystranda as a nearly perfect day's end location for relaxing after a long sunny and warm day. There was vivid life and activity of young and old people from the afternoon into the late evening; especially the volleyball fields were used intensivelly. I really liked the feeling of a warm summer evening combined with the spirit of this place.

Tip for a walk

The promenade along the harbours of Kristiansand is worth a walk. The little fortress Christiansholm is only a short distance away. Who walks a little longer comes to "Fish Market" which is a nice cafe and restaurant area. The Kristiansand concert house with its very modern architecture is a good point to turn around and walk back to Bystranda park.


Some impressions from this walk and the mentioned places.

Tip for passengers arriving with cruise ships at Kristiansand port: Start your walk at the concert house and walk along the promenade to Bystranda park. At the terrace of the hotel Scandic Bystranda you can take a rest with a scenic view and enjoy a drink.

Hotel tip

By the way: The photo at the top was shot from the near hotel Scandic Kristiansand Bystranda. The sea view from my room 522  was very scenic. The hotel has a nice terrace area and direct access to the promenade. Whoever searches a modern city hotel with a very high relaxation value shall consider a stay here. It is also a good place to have a rest after or before taking the ferry from or to Hirtshals in Denmark.

Some of my impressions from the hotel:

(c) Author: Mark König, July 26 2018

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