Photo tours are my great passion - especially driving through countries and landscapes discovering natural beauty, people and culture. Some examples from my trips to Norway you will find below - with a little emphasis on car and driving related pictures.

Traditional selfie way
The good old style to do a selfie - here in an elevator in Abu Dhabi somewhere between floor 50 and 70

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Special: MONOcolor

Millions of different colors, tones and shades make our world beautiful. But sometines the concentration on one specific color or the reduction to a very limited color spectrum which already exists in the photo can have a very impressive effect - some kind of visual focus in a different way. Therefore I started a series of pictures which reduces the photos behind on a specific "highlight" - or should I say "high color". Hope you like it. Enjoy.

Special: Mirroring

Special: Experiments

I also like to do some experiments in creating photo based videos such as time lapse videos. The example below shows daylight's end in Harstad harbor, Norway.

Special: curiosities

very special ... and rarely: myself

Author: Mark König, last update on October 1 2018