Norway places & views # 6: Seven Sisters mountains

Legendary mountains at Nordland's coast

Photo of mountain peak chain Seven Sisters from the sea with nature green coastline in front and clouded sky in the background.
The Seven Sisters mountain peaks (north is left side)

About the Seven Sisters mountains

The Seven Sisters are a mountain chain with seven peaks along the coast of Helgeland in Norway's state of Nordland. They are located on the island Alsta.

It is one of the most popular attractions along the coastal road 17, called Kystriksveien. The mountains offer various spectacular views towards and from them over the surrounding nature.

The seven mountaintops look so beautiful that a local legend claims that they are female trolls turned to stone. See details below.

Caution, possibility of confusion: There are also waterfalls called "Seven Sisters" which are located in far away Geirangerfjord. Both are totally different places. And also there is a legend how these waterfalls came into being. 

From north to south the Seven Sisters mountain peaks are

  • Botnkrona at 1,072 metres (3,517 ft),
  • Grytfoten at 1,019 metres (3,343 ft),
  • Skjæringen at 1,037 metres (3,402 ft),
  • Tvillingene (The Twins) at 945 and 980 metres (3,100 ft and 3,215 ft),
  • Kvasstinden at 1,010 metres (3,313 ft),
  • Breitinden at 910 metres (2,985 ft).

The legend: Kiss of the dawn's sunlight

And again: Norwegians seem to love storytelling.


The Nordland Saga tells a legend which includes some of today's rock formations in Nordland such as Hestmannen and Torghatten. As often there are several versions of an old legend, e.g one version and another version. Both versions have in common that the seven sisters were trolls and took a rest at their today's location. There they were surprised by the first sunshine or morning's dawn and transformed into mountains. I created a Google Maps map with all the places of the legend.

Tips how to reach and see the Seven Sisters

 The Seven Sisters can be reached by land and can be seen also from the open sea.

  • Next large village is Sandnessjøen which can be reached by car, by bus, by plane and by Hurtigruten ship.
  • For vehicle driving passengers the official scenic route Helgelandskysten is near.
  • Hurtigruten ships pass the Seven Sisters mountains daily on northbound (night) and southbound route (day).
  • Cruise ships may chose their way so that they pass the island on which the Seven Sisters mountains are located on.
  • All peaks can be hiked, by well trained persons also all in one day.
  • Some more information are provided by Helgeland tourist information.

(c) Author: Mark König, July 29 2018

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