Norway places & views # 15: Aksla mountain at Ålesund

Step up 1 Mountain & get 3 scenic outlooks

Phot with a white park bench offering a view of town and bay of Ålesund
Scenic view on bay and town of Ålesund from Aksla viewpoint

Aksla is the town mountain of Ålesund. It is not very high with an altitude of over 180 metres but offering a fantastic view over the city and the bay of Ålesund from three different platforms.

  • Aksla viewpoint or Kniven is the highest point on the top of an old bunker (Google Maps)
  • The restaurant Fjellstua offers also a very scenic and more front view (Google Maps).
  • Byrampen viewpoint was built a few years ago and the lowest viewpoint with still an amazing view (Google Maps).
Photo with arrows show the three viewpoints seen from Ålesund harbour
The three viewpoints seen from Ålesund harbour

Where to find and how to reach it

Aksla mountain is directly located near the city center - I guess historically it was the other way around.


As pedestrian 418 stairs to the top: From the harbour the hotel Scandic Parken in front of the mountain gives a good orientation. From the streets left or right of the hotel you can reach the stairs to Byrampen. From there further stairs lead to Fjellstua and Knoven. Caution: Google Maps is misleading pedestrians here. Just follow up the stairs.


The upper two viewpoints can also be reached by vehicle but the street must be approached from the backside of the mountain (5 km detour). Once at the top the Aksla viewpoint with the park bench needs a few metres step up but the parking space of restaurant Fjellstua is fully accessible.

tips for travelers

  • Best daytime for a visit is the early morning. In these hours the light is coming from behind which allows  high-contrast photos.
  • Average fit passengers on Hurtigruten ships can approach the Byrampen or minimum some stairs up within a 15 minutes walk one-way (Google Maps). But do not be late back at the ship, it will not wait.
  • Ålesund is worth a visit and a good place to start / end a round trip through northern part of Fjord Norway.
  • From Ålesund harbour boat tours are offered to world-famous Geirangerfjord.
  • In summer months Hurtigruten northbound ships will be in Ålesund in the morning and in the early evening. Tourists can use a Hurtigruten ship for a relaxing and very comfortable boat tour into Geirangerfjord with amazing views of Seven Sisters waterfalls and Friaren waterfall. Pedestrians can also disembark in Geiranger, but no disembarkation of cars.
  • In autumn months Hurtigruten northbound ships will approach beautiful Hjørundfjord.

(c) Author: Mark König, August 8 2018

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